inSparc was born of our passion for the evolving digital media landscape, the psychology of branding, and the need to channel this fascination in to services that improve the brand-audience relationship.

inSparc fuses creative strategy, design thinking, and digital media expertise to create meaningful experiences that spark a relationship your audience will love.

A brand can be any venture - a business, a non-profit, or a government institution - known to provide a product or service. Its value lies in the audience perception of that brand - of the product, service or organization.

Each brand is unique, and each experience offers a world of possibilities for optimizing growth and performance. This is the challenge that drives us to create innovative digital experiences that help you grow.

At inSparc, we love every minute of working it out with you, and we will make you love it, too.





People remember how you make them feel.

This is why we align our design thinking process to your brand aspirations and create digital experiences that sparc the right relationship with your audience.

Audiences today look for brands that understand them, relate to who they are, and offers products and services that meet their lifestyle demands. With the digital marketplace offering so many options to nurture this relationship, we help you design a digital strategy that covers everything from planning your entry in to the digital marketplace, to optimizing your brand performance.

One size does not fit all

The scope of your digital strategy may vary.

It maybe as simple as a content strategy aimed at engaging a new audience, or as complex as a multi-platform strategy that creates a powerful brand experience,  including everything from web development to specialized apps to off-line brand experiences. The kind of strategy you need depends on what your brand hopes to achieve..

Here is how we help you work out what you need



Keeping up with digital trends is what we do for fun. To lay the right foundation, we research and analyze what your brand and your audience requires of a digital experience



We translate strategy in to a compelling brand user experience by designing, prototyping and developing all parts of the digital experience 

Keeping up with digital trends is what we do for fun. To position you, we research and analyze what your brand and your audiences require of a digital experience.


The bigger picture. A digital strategy aligns your brand's goals with the opportunities you have to harness the power of digital media platforms for marketing and communications, and thereby improve brand performance


Moving beyond pretty pictures and words, we can bring your digital strategy to life with the help of the inSparc team and our Partners. If you like to keep it in-house, we can help you transition and train your team to manage your strategy



Our digital adventures began in film, sparking a journey of growth that challenged us to get creative with brand and business strategy, and now brings us full circle to our passion for crafting digital experiences.



We are a growing team of design thinkers, technologists, and dreamers with a common love of innovation - we like to experiment with design, technology and its relationship with people. 





  • Clarity on brand direction resulted in Artless Hub experimenting with business strategies that have added to brand value.
  • inSparc's brand strategy process and management tools helped  re-align operations strategy to reflect commitment to brand management across communications, marketing, operations and services.
  • Skills transference in collaborative working sessions  increased team confidence in managing brand and marketing plans, as well as added quality to the plans made today.
  • With a unified brand vision and aligned operations plan, Artless has increased it's customer base, improved both audience engagement and brand loyalty.

inSparc continues to support Artless Hub’s brand and creative strategy, and future digital marketing plans.

Artless Hub

Brand & Creative Strategy


What better way to kick-off than with what you love. Artless Hub is a Toronto based start-up art studio and creative community that helps anyone artistically inclined explore their creative side. Being similarly inclined ourselves, we could not resist the challenge of developing a brand strategy that supports the Artless mission to make creative play a lifestyle choice in urban Torontonians.

inSparc's Role

  • Team working sessions to identify brand essence, identity, purpose and values.
  • Audience analysis to define value proposition in a competitive marketplace.
  • Aligning brand strategy with all aspects of operations.
  • Creative strategy design that influences Artless Hub's creative offerings: workshops, socials and community.


What Shapes Us

Digital Narratives Prototype

Stepping closer to the interactive media space that we like to play in, inSparc is currently working on this interactive HTML5 web application that acts as a platform to explore stories of Canadian immigrants whose experiences influence Canada's multicultural social fabric.

Working in partnership with the Gendai Gallery and Toronto's melting pot of diverse communities, we are exploring digital narrative design that captures the unique experiences of diverse communities to inform historical and cultural preservation spaces and help build diverse cities.

The interactive map traces immigrant journeys through a "memory map" that the audience can explore by clicking on plotted locations. The archival footage is a combination of audio/video interview, pictures and stories that combine to give a look into the life that was, that is, and what will be.






For us, the first spark begins with you.

We believe the fusion of our expertise and your aspirations is what creates a brand-audience relationship that places you at the heart of a lifestyle.

 We don't let distance get in the way and offer virtual and in-person digital strategy consultations

If you are ready to build a digital relationship that helps you grow, we are ready for you.







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