inSparc was born of our passion for playing with digital technology to design experiences that spark a relationship with your audience.

Whether you are an established brand or nurturing a startup, or leading change in communities and institutions,our design thinking approach helps you position your brand to experiences your audience will love.

We love every minute of working it out with you.

At the moment, we are living through a raging love affair with immersive mediums like virtual(VR) and augmented reality(AR) and are working on content creation projects with clients around the world.

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Whether you are fine-tuning your brand or looking to create some exciting new content, we’ve got you covered.

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Define Your Brand

What sets you apart?

  • Customized workshops (virtual or in-person)

  • Brand Brief & Roadmap

Brand Strategy

How do you walk your brand-talk?

Customized sessions to align your brand identity and values across operations, marketing & product design.

Content Creation

  • Social Strategy & Content for

    Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

  • Website Content Strategy & Content

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality Content


We are a growing team of design thinkers, technologists, and dreamers with a common love of innovation - we like to experiment with design, technology and its relationship with people. 

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strategist / founder

from documentary film to transformative service design to digital experience design, Manik’s has worked with international orgs and Canadian startups and businesses.


making beautiful things that make people think. wild green places. chocolate, always eat the chocolate.

rising sparcs

In the past our we’ve immersed our interns into UX research and product design techniques to help emerging professionals leave with a valuable skill set. Get in touch if you are curious about gaining hands on experience in digital design.



bodies-cities / interactive virtual reality experience

Interactive VR Exhibit, 2018

Adopting user-centered research methods with urban residents, the bodies-cities project explored how virtual reality spaces can present the complexity of the relationship between humans and their urban spaces. Based on experiences in St. James Town in Toronto, Canada, the findings were co-designed into a virtual reality walk through parallel worlds: real world site and the experiential worlds shared by residents.

Methods/Tools: interviews, embodied mapping through walkabouts, paper mapping, reflection, collaborative storyboarding for VR, interaction design, photogrammetry, Unity game engine.


edu-tech | Winner of the Google Game Change Award 2016

Mapping the Digital Experience, 2015

The Challenge: Knowledgehook provides Ontario schools with an Instructional Guidance System (IGS) that uses engaging assessments to unlock insights and expert guidance for math teachers. We facilitated sessions that positioned Kh in the edutech sector and prioritized a brand strategy, mapped customer journeys, and analyzed audiences to inform the development of Kh’s core product - math learning application used in Ontario schools.

"Prior to my engagement with inSparc, I thought the word "brand" was a fluffy buzz word.  They proved me wrong and paved the way to understanding how to build a brand that people trust and love, something we aspire to doing everyday." - Travis Ratnam, CEO, Knowledgehook

artless hub

creative community for adults

Brand strategy & Service Design, 2014


What better way to kick-off than with what you love? Artless Hub operated between 2014 - 2017, and was a Toronto based art studio and creative community that helped adults explore their creative side.

What we did

  • Facilitated sessions to identify brand essence and purpose.

  • Analysed trends and signals and audience analysis to identify core services.

  • Mapped the integration of brand strategy with services offered and internal operations.

  • Identified new product/service offerings: workshops, socials and membership plans.

“inSparc's brand strategy identification and transition tools helped us align operations strategy to reflect what the Artless brand stands for. We changed our approach across communications, marketing, admin and membership services, and increased our customer base” - Matt Kim, Founder, Artless Hub 






For us, the first spark begins with you.

We believe the fusion of our expertise and your aspirations is what creates a digital relationship that places your brand at the heart of a lifestyle.

 We don't let distance get in the way and offer virtual and in-person consultations. 

If you are ready to build a relationship that helps you grow, we are ready for you.







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